YJL Company Focus on Free-obstacle for Twenty Years

    Industry famous brands Follow the beginning heart

    YJL have been dedicated to the development, production, sales, service and integration of the barrier free facilities to provide one-stop solutions for the customers

    Strong production strength Strong team strength

    With modern advanced equipment and management innovation team, YJL have laid the position of reliable suppliers in China. Establishing long-term strategic partners with many customers

    Multiple quality certification Popular both at home and abroad

    YJL strictly product according to the standard system, ensure the quality to achieve the perfect, environmental protection different types meet different needs

    Perfect after-sales service Global strategic cooperation

    YJL wish to establish a healthy and lasting partnership with every customer from all over the world . if you have any enquiries about our products.

    Six Intimate Designs Everything Is Safer
    Withstand Large
    Antibacterial Nylon
    Non-slip Design
    Balance Prevention
    Thermostatic Handle


YJL Omni-directional Display

Ruian Yongjiuliang Free-obstacle Facilities Co.,ltd

Founded in 1997.YJL is specialized in designing,developing and producing hospital handrails,bathroom grab bars and shower seats.
Our main products are: antibacterial nylon grab bars, hospital anti-impact handrails,wall guards,corner protections,shower seats,tactile indicators.

Company Culture

Enterprise Vision: become the most professional and best supplier of barrier free facilities in China
Enterprise Values: taking customers as the center, taking the striving as the base, and taking innovation as the soul
Corporate Interests: win-win, multi win
Work Guidelines: initiative, innovation, efficiency
Employee Spirit: diligence, loyalty, pursuit
The Concept of Development: the will of entrepreneurship and the spirit of innovation
Talent View: both virtue and talent
Product Positioning: high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection

Service Center

1、The service aim: "customer first". Every service staff must adhere to the principles and accept the supervision of the customer in the execution of the after-sale task.
2、We must strictly follow the customers' requirements and complete the service tasks in a high quality, conscientiously answer the questions raised by the customers, and provide various solutions for customers' choice and satisfy the customers.
3、Strictly adhere to the rules and regulations of the customers, the work should be civilized operation, reduce the inconvenience of customers, in order to maintain the image of the customer in this department

Ruian Yongjiuliang Free-obstacle Facilities Co.,ltd
Address: No.518-1, Wanjing Road, Luofeng
Industrial Zone,Tangxia Ruian City,
Zhejiang Province
TEL:0577-65113836 65119677
FAX: 0577-65113936
EMAIL: YJL2@yong588.com

Beijing Yongjiuliang Stainless Steel Products Co.,Ltd
ADDRESS:Beijing Fengtai District E Feng Camp No. 147
TEL:010-63351858 63338959
EMAIL: YJL2@yong588.com

Online Message

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